3 Strategies to Achieve Corporate Sustainability Goals by Leveraging Data

July 5, 2023
Rich Argentieri, President of NextEra Analytics recently presented at the Reuters Responsible Business USA 2023 conference, explaining how achieving sustainability is this generation’s moonshot.

When NextEra Energy set a target to reach real zero carbon emissions by 2045 without the use of any offsets, it created one of the most ambitious sustainability goals in the energy industry. Real zero goals are so ambitious for two reasons. First, for most energy companies, the technologies and means to achieve them don’t all yet exist. Second, companies like NextEra are pursuing climate sustainability that is financially sustainable; pursuing real zero and a financially sound business strategy can’t be mutually exclusive.

That’s why NextEra Analytics President Rich Argentieri told an audience during his recent presentation at the Reuters Responsible Business USA 2023 conference that achieving sustainability is this generation’s moonshot.

Achieving something as ambitious as true sustainability requires a data-driven approach. Data gives leaders the power to shape an effective sustainability strategy and overcome thorny issues on the journey. Argentieri outlined three essential ways to leverage data to achieve corporate sustainability goals.

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