T&D World Minute with Rick Bush: 'Radical Candor'

Jan. 4, 2018
Has anyone accused you of having “radical candor?”

I just got off the phone with Jessica Lau. Jessica is one of those folk who is way more than her job. I first met Jessica at a CIGRE’ event where she was quite active in NexGen activities. Jessica was helping incoming professionals connect with industry heavyweights so they can step up and make a bigger difference.

Jessica recently moved to the National Renewable Energy Lab from Rochester Gas & Electric.  And before that Jessica was at the New England Independent System Operator.

The reason for Jessica’s call?

She was reading a book called Radical Candor and for some reason, it made her think of me.  I decided to take that as a compliment!

Because Jessica reached out, she and I are now going to connect at the IEEE T&D EXPO this April in Denver and am hoping to make my way over NREL to see first-hand what Jessica has gotten herself into.

My job is not that difficult as long as I keep up with the Jessicas’ of the energy world because people with passion drive the future of T&D.

Let me leave you with this final thought.

Has anyone accused you of having “radical candor?”   Or do you say what you think your bosses want to hear? 

If you want to make a bigger difference, crank up the candor.  And if you need to switch companies a few times, so be it. We need more opinionated folk who are willing to step up and make a bigger difference.

 If “ Radical Candor” describes you, contact me and I will help you share your passions with your peers.

This has been a T&D Minute.

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