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Passionate About the Future of the Grid? The T&D World Call for Speakers is Now Open

Jan. 12, 2023
The second T&D World Conference and Exhibition is happening Sept. 12-14 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in California’s capital city. Sacramento Municipal Utility District is the host utility.

Want to attend an electric grid industry event where utilities are highly represented and the true focus for knowledge sharing? The upcoming T&D World Conference and Exhibition this September in Sacramento is perfect for you.

Want to present and talk about your utility’s new projects and learnings in transmission, distribution, grid safety and resiliency? Well, then, you are perfect for T&D World. Glad to have you.

The second T&D World Conference and Exhibition, a live event from the longtime industry publication and same-named magazine and website, is happening Sept. 12-14 at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in California’s capital city.

The Call for Speakers is open now and will run for several more weeks. Go to this site to see a link to submit session ideas. All sessions involving utility co-presenters will get extra consideration, same as last year.

Join us in northern California this September, by first submitting a session proposal about your projects making the grid better, more adaptive and ready for the future.

Last year’s inaugural T&D World, the first ever under parent company Endeavor Business Media, drew more than 600 attendees and 50 utility companies to the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Charlotte. Utility representatives from all over the country made up about a quarter of our attendees.

The theme for T&D World Live 2023 is “Grid Transformation for an Electrified World.” The key topics which are pertinent to so many utilities, certainly in California and, of course, industrywide, includes Black Sky Hazards, Wildfire and Grid Resiliency, Transmission, Future Grid Distribution, Renewables and Distributed Energy Resource Integration and Data Analytics.

This covers most of the tactical challenges that electric utilities face every day, although we are open to hearing about more. Weather events, making infrastructure work with new technologies, transmission and distribution upgrades and incorporating a fast-paced interconnection of solar, wind, battery storage, EV charging and microgrids.

Underlying all of that, of course, is the digital transformation needed to blend and control all of those challenges and opportunities.

T&D World will feature technical tours and networking opportunities galore. Our host utility is Sacramento Municipal Utility District, which is undertaking numerous innovative projects on all of these fronts.

T&D World doesn’t need futurists to offer unprovable visions for the unknown future. We’ll rely on the experts in the utility, grid transmission and distribution sectors to highlight where the real victories and challenges will be.

Click here to find out more and answer our Call for Speakers.

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