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GE Unveils Brand Names for Three Planned Future Public Companies

Sept. 21, 2022
GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, including GE Renewable Energy, GE Power, GE Digital, and GE Energy Financial Services, to come together as GE Vernova.
GE  in July announced the brand names of the future companies it will create through its planned separation into three global, investment-grade public companies focused on the growth sectors of healthcare, energy, and aviation.  

GE’s existing energy portfolio of businesses, including Renewable Energy, Power, Digital, and Energy Financial Services, will sit together under the brand name GE Vernova. GE Aerospace will be the name of GE’s aviation business. All three planned companies will continue to benefit from GE’s heritage and global brand valued at nearly $20 billion. GE HealthCare will be the name of GE’s healthcare business.

"I’m proud to be here representing more than 70,000 colleagues worldwide as the CEO of GE Vernova, our portfolio of energy businesses," said Scott Strazik, GE Vernova CEO. "I am also here as a global citizen, as someone who wants a better environment for the next generation, and someone who has spent my career working to help deliver innovative solutions across the aviation and power industries."

In early 2024, GE plans to execute the tax-free spin-off of GE Vernova, GE’s portfolio of energy businesses, which together with its customers provides one-third of the world’s electricity and is focused on accelerating the path to reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. The new name is a combination of “ver,” derived from “verde” and “verdant” to signal the greens and blues of the Earth, and “nova,” from the Latin “novus,” or “new,” reflecting a new and innovative era of lower carbon energy that GE Vernova will help deliver. These attributes also are reflected in GE Vernova’s new “evergreen” brand color. With an installed base of more than 7,000 gas turbines and 400 GW of renewable energy equipment, GE Vernova’s Monogram will serve as a reminder of the company’s lasting commitments to deliver quality, partnership, and ingenuity to its customers. 

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