Acoma E Substation

Avant Supports Pueblo of Acoma Utility Formation

Aug. 30, 2021
Pueblo of Acoma Utility Authority begins electric utility operation

The Pueblo of Acoma Utility Authority (POAUA) began electric utility operation in June 2021. The formation of the electric utility was a multi-year project that involved substantial planning and the construction of a new substation and distribution lines to serve the Pueblo of Acoma tribal land.  POAUA is the newest utility formed in New Mexico and the second tribal utility formed in New Mexico.

The commencement of POAUA utility service has enabled the Pueblo of Acoma to serve its own tribal community and better manage its long-term electric needs.  The decision to own and operate the electric utility also empowers the Tribe to better control business development opportunities on reservation land and create new jobs for Tribal members.

Avant Energy supported POAUA throughout the entire electric utility formation process.  Avant provided feasibility studies, economic analysis, facility design, and construction consulting as the project progressed. Avant also assisted POAUA in obtaining financing for the project. To support the utility’s daily operational needs, Avant developed policies, practices, and procedures to ensure POAUA could operate its new utility using industry best-practices. 

“The Pueblo of Acoma Tribal Council took a significant step in exercising its sovereignty by establishing the electric utility that will ensure full management and control of our resources for Acoma people today, and future generations. This milestone will nurture and drive future community and economic development on Acoma Pueblo lands.” said Governor Brian D. Vallo

The Pueblo of Acoma is a federally recognized Indian tribe located west of Albuquerque, New Mexico in Cibola County. Acoma is one of nineteen Pueblo tribes in the state of New Mexico who continue to live within their traditional values known to them since time immemorial. As a Pueblo community, the Acoma people are proud of their history, heritage, and cultural values that have ensured their survival since its settlement in 1100 AD.

Avant Energy is a Minneapolis-based energy management services company providing a variety of strategic planning, utility management, consulting, and energy project development services to Native American Tribes, municipal utilities, colleges and universities, and large energy users. Avant works with Tribes, utilities, communities, and organizations to develop innovative, yet practical solutions based on a simple, overarching belief that, “better is possible.”

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