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Auger Technologies To Feature Auger Bit Replacement Kit At The Utility Expo

July 9, 2021
When paired with an impact wrench (not provided), the Bullet Tooth Puller removes even the most stubborn bits.

Auger Technologies will feature its Auger Bit Replacement Kit, which includes the Bullet Tooth Puller to quickly and safely remove conical auger bits, as well as a driver to re-install new bits without micro fracturing, in booth #E1012 at The Utility Expo.

When paired with an impact wrench (not provided), the Bullet Tooth Puller removes even the most stubborn bits. With tools to both remove worn auger bits and replace new ones, the Bullet Tooth Replacement Kit reduces the time required to change conical bits, thus reducing downtime and labor costs. Ideal for Kennametal-type bullet teeth, these kits speed the bullet tooth replacement of bits on asphalt grinders, drilling and boring augers, mining machinery, and more. Kits are available for standard .865 bits (part #9055) and for .990 bits (part #9060), to suit most drilling, boring projects.

Powered either manually or with an impact wrench (not provided), the Bullet Tooth Puller removes conical auger teeth in a fraction of the time normally required, saving time and money. Augers with worn teeth that are stuck fast can be efficiently removed in minutes, so that when new bits are installed, a valuable asset is removed from the “bone yard” and returned to a productive state. Ideal for any auger with standard conical bullet teeth.

To use, individuals should fit the split-ring Bullet Tooth Puller collet over the conical auger bit, then slide the driver arm over the collet, locking it in place, and drive the extractor screw, which in turn backs out the tooth. Once it is out, individuals should reverse the motion on the extractor screw to remove the tooth from the collet; it can be used with an impact wrench (recommended – not supplied) or manually with a wrench. Either method eliminates the knuckle-busting methods previously employed when using fork wrenches or other methods. It is ideal for use with all standard conical teeth and augers.

A cast iron driver tool allows fast and safe re-insertion of auger bits with no damage to the carbide. The conically shaped working end of the driver fits onto the exterior surface of the bit casings for either .865 or .990 bits. Tapping the strike-plate drives the bit into its holder for a secure fit without the micro fracturing that commonly occurs when hammers are used to tap auger bits into their housings. Elimination of micro fracturing extends the service life of the auger bits and maintains their productivity. Auger Bit Replacement Kits by Auger Technologies can return valuable working assets to the field faster than ever before, with less labor input. The driver is also available separately (part #9075).

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