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Cabinet Provides Cable-Sectionalizing Center

Cabinet Provides Cable-Sectionalizing Center

Eaton has released its Cooper Power series universal SecTER cabinet, which provides a convenient, easy-to-install cable-sectionalizing center for utility customers. The SecTER cabinet is designed to enhance safety and simplify the process of sectionalizing cables, and can serve as a cable-sectionalizing center or as a permanent or temporary transformer pad cover.

“Eaton provides a host of underground distribution solutions that are designed to provide a high level of safety allowing for easy disconnecting and grounding of cables for equipment maintenance or replacement,” said Dan Roth, product manager, Eaton's Cooper Power series cable accessories and connectors.

Eaton designed the SecTER cabinets to accommodate both traditional and Eaton’s Cleer™ 600 amp (A) loadbreak connectors to meet single- and three-phase sectionalizing requirements. The SecTER cabinet’s universal design accepts all junctions, helping to reduce inventory.

Providing durability and flexibility, the SecTER cabinet’s light grey mounting plates improve the visibility of junctions and terminators during operation. Additionally, the low sill and deep recessed door within the cabinets improve accessibility during installation, and the mounting slots provide multiple parking options including mounting of Cleer connectors.

Available in multiple colors, sizes and configurations, Eaton’s SecTER cabinets feature stainless steel and aluminum options that provide durability during harsh conditions. The enhanced and aesthetic low profile design enables unobtrusive installations for sectionalizing, tapping or terminating underground cable.

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