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Grand River Dam Authority Deploys Transmission Switches

The Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) has successfully deployed multiple Southern States ES-1 three-way switches to support transmission reliability programs.
As the nation's 16th largest public power utility based on generation, GRDA operates a diverse portfolio of hydro, coal, natural gas and wind generation to produce reliable electricity that reaches into 75 of 77 Oklahoma counties. Through direct or indirect means, nearly 500,000 meters in the state receive GRDA power.

GRDA's Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Operations Michael Waddell noted, "Our mission at GRDA is to provide low-cost, reliable electric power and related services to our customers. Southern States' switches have helped lower our cost of installation, and they've helped GRDA meet its system reliability goals."

Southern States designed its ES-1 three-way switches to support utility ease of installation and long-term reliability. The three-way ES-1 transmission line switches use a foldable frame and contact geometry to reduce average installation times by 50% and provide reliability over time. The ES-1’s frame design allows Southern States  to fold each assembled phase assembly into a compact package that can be easily transported, received, unfolded, and installed by crews.

The non-rotational blade and contact geometry of the ES-1 allows for trouble-free seating in the jaw regardless of operator pressure. Utilizing the design principles of the proven EC-1 Center Break disconnect with an added feature of a larger contact area, alignment is ensured and potential issues from closing at the wrong speed are eliminated. These features also provide performance in adverse weather conditions, ice loading, galloping lines, as well as normal wear and tear, eliminating the need for precise initial adjustments as well as the frequency of adjustments long-term.

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