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A fishing village in the Calabria region of Italy.

Terna Transmission Modernization Project Moves Forward in Calabria, Italy

May 17, 2024
Power grid operator Terna’s project is worth $3.26 million and will restructure the 150 kV power grid in Reggio Calabria.

Italy’s transmission system operator Terna has published a notice containing areas to be potentially affected by a definitive project to restructure the 150 kV electricity grid in the Municipalities of San Procopio, Sinopoli and Melicuccà, in the province of Reggio Calabria.

The project for structural modernization of the electricity grid in the area, for which the company led by Giuseppina Di Foggia will invest over $3.26 million, will ensure greater operating reliability and environmental sustainability due to the lower impact on the territory from existing overhead power lines.

Additionally, the infrastructure will help access additional energy, provided through completion of the 380 kV Sorgente – Rizziconi submarine connection.

Terna will build a new overhead power line of nearly 4 km, San Procopio - Palmi Sud, helping the operator to demolish the entire 150 kV Scilla - San Procopio connection for 14 km and an 11 km stretch of the 150 kV Palmi Sud – Scilla power line. In total, over 25 km of power lines and a total of 74 pylons will be removed, releasing 75 hectares of land, of which about 80% is within the Costa Viola protected area.

Terna aims to initiate construction in 2025, upon completion of preliminary activities for launching the work.

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