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SDG&E Energizes New Transmission Line

Oct. 3, 2018
Construction on the 230-kV Sycamore to Peñasquitos transmission line began in early 2017

A new 15-mile electric transmission line built in north-central San Diego to enhance overall reliability for San Diego County’s 3.6 million residents has been energized, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) announced last week. Construction on the 230-kV Sycamore to Peñasquitos transmission line began in early 2017 to ensure long-term reliability and support the growing energy needs of the region.  

“This new transmission line delivers best-in-class reliability to the customers we are proud to serve,” said David Geier, senior vice president of electric operations for SDG&E. “We want to thank the residents and business owners who were impacted by construction for their patience over the last year. This vital infrastructure will improve California’s power grid and ensure our region remains resilient and prepared for the increasing amount of renewable energy we continue to deliver.”

The new Sycamore to Peñasquitos transmission line effectively acts as a highway – adding a new pathway to the regional power grid creates an additional means for energy to reach customers while enhancing reliability in communities including Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch and the city of Poway. On a grander scale, this additional transmission line helps alleviate traffic locally so energy can reach other parts of the region quicker – leading to improved reliability on a state-wide level.

The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and a statewide task force, requested by Gov. Brown, identified the Sycamore to Peñasquitos project as essential to ensuring long-term reliability due to the planned retirement of coastal power plants and the closure of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

“Putting the Sycamore to Peñasquitos transmission line in service is a critical component to maintaining reliability within the ISO market,” said Neil Millar, Executive Director, Infrastructure Development for the California Independent System Operator. “As we plan and prepare for a continually-changing energy landscape, additions like this transmission line is assisting the ISO grid in delivering reliable power more efficiently to our customers in the state of California.

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