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Limb Re-Growth Survey

During the last several months of 2003 and early 2004, DEMCO personnel conducted a survey of the entire DEMCO service territory for the purpose of determining the rate of re-growth of limbs which were trimmed previously in the vicinity of power lines.

The survey, though not totally random, was conducted in such a way as to obtain data from as many tree species, soil conditions, hydrology, and growth conditions as possible. The data were taken on pre-prepared forms so that all pertinent data would be correctly obtained. Data on the tree species, location of tree, size, quality of cut, and whether the cut was below or beside the line, along with other data were recorded along with the growth of the limb from the original cut to the limb tip. The samples were removed and measured. By knowing the location of the sample, the year in which the tree was last trimmed was determined.

Counts of growth rings on the limbs or counts of bud-scale scars were made to confirm the years of growth. A total of 153 samples were evaluated ranging from one year to six years of re-growth...

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