Top Six T&D HOW Videos of 2017

Jan. 24, 2018
Top ranked videos teaching the transmission and distribution industry various methods for electric utility operations.

In early 2015, T&D World magazine introduced T&D HOW™ Videos, showcasing the work of linemen in the field. We make extensive use of GoPro cameras, attached to line workers’ hardhats, to provide first-person, “in the action” views of the work performed. We also use ground cameras, and compile each job we record into an approximately 5-minute video for YouTube and other online distribution.

Our goal is to highlight the impressive work being performed by some of the country’s very finest electric utilities. Here, we count down the top six most viewed T&D HOW videos of 2017. They all look at something a little different, from transformer testing to distribution pole installation. Views range from on the ground to high up in the air from a helicopter.

All of the videos represented in these pictures are available at

We are currently scheduling T&D HOW Videos for 2018 and 2019 — interested utilities and sponsors can contact Rick Bush, Strategic Director, at [email protected] or Jim Dukart, Producer, [email protected], 952-944-7070.

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