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Portable IRIG-B Testing Instrument for Substation, Complete with App Functionality

Portable IRIG-B Testing Instrument for Substation, Complete with App Functionality

Tekron is introducing a unique hand-held and battery-operated, IRIG-B Analyzer complete with Android Smartphone extended functionality.

T&D Service Operators face many challenges when commissioning and troubleshooting IRIG-B timing distribution systems in substations and other parts of the network. Traditionally troubleshooting required the use of cumbersome oscilloscope requiring hours of analysis by an experienced technician and in many cases, problems remained unresolved as a result. Tekron’s IRIG-B Analyzer helps test engineers to decode and verify the IRIG-B signals anywhere in plain text thereby significantly reducing the analysis time onsite. When paired with yet to be released Smartphone application, the IRIG-B tester offers enhanced diagnostics utilizing the enhanced processing power and screen technology of a modern Smartphone with the added feature of being able to capture and record signal files that can then be emailed back to HQ engineers for further analysis and advice thus achieving resolution faster and with less travel.

With the Tekron IRIG-B tester, you simply place a pair of probes onto any node of your IRIG-B distribution system and the meter will immediately read out the IRIG-B: Type, Code Compliance, Voltage Levels, Pulse Widths and so on. It also gives code compliance to C37.118 and C37.118.1. Furthermore, it supports copper and fibre interfaces and is CAT III 600V rated.

Weighing just under 400 grams, IRIG-B Analyzer is a portable and a highly reliable testing instrument for substation use.


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