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Motor Drive Unit

The TAPMOTION MD-III motor drive unit from Reinhausen Manufacturing is the key component for the operation of the on-load tap-changer VACUTAP RMV-II. In combination with the proven monitoring system, the TAPMOTION MD-III provides safety and reliability to network and industrial systems. The use of approved fail-safe electromechanical components allows for reliable operation, even under harsh operating conditions.

All elements needed in the control circuit are integrated into one common housing, and all components are installed and wired by Reinhausen and tested prior to shipment. The double-door design allows easy access to all motor drive unit elements.

The modular design concept permits effortless addition of functions, even in the field. Fixed terminal block numbers are assigned to specific functions for easy standardization. And predetermined electrical and mechanical standardization of designs for each individual customer is offered. Position-indicating modules are available as N/O contacts, potentiometer rows, digital and analogue signal outputs. Additional position transmitters can be added in the field as needed.

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