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Monitor Provides Accurate Liquid Level Monitoring

The INCON Model 1872 provides monitoring of liquid levels in difficult industrial applications. It was designed to replace more expensive, less accurate level montors.

The instrument monitors the level, volume or temperature of one or two liquids in a tank. It can compensate for changes in temperature, and can correct for tank shape. The monitor can also be used as a local display unit and/or a simple process controller.

The model 1872 can be connected to a serial communication network, or used in systems that require 4-20 mA communication signals

Capabilities are as follows:

  • Calculates liquid level by measuring the location of a magnetic float on the surface of the liquid.
  • Level is determined by a sensitive magnetostrictive sensor
  • Determines liquid level by timing the total propagation time from the generation ofreceiving a reflected ignal from the magnetic float
  • Liquid level information available on easy-to-read LED display with a choice of three scale factors or float references
  • User-programmable to use in a variety of applications and to display information in different units
  • Program parameters are stored in non-volatile
    memory and are not lost during power interruptions
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