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Mobile Devices for Simultaneous Partial Discharge, Tan Delta Measurement

Mobile Devices for Simultaneous Partial Discharge, Tan Delta Measurement

“Lightweight, compact, powerful and easy to handle” were the criteria when the engineering team of BAUR GmbH were developing the new device - PD-TaD60 - for partial discharge measurement and location.

Although it includes the coupling capacitor, the measurement impedance and the partial discharge measuring unit, at only 18 kg, the device is the smallest and lightest of its kind for output voltages up to 60 kVpeak. In combination with a convenient VLF device such as “frida TD,” a Notebook and the “Power Box” connection module, test engineers can avail of a mobile setup for cable testing and comprehensive analysis of the cable condition. The highlight of the system is that various methods can be combined. In the Full Monitored Withstand Test, cable testing, partial discharge measurement (PD) and dissipation factor measurement (tan delta) are in fact performed in one common cycle.

The parallel flow of diagnostic measurements is easy on the cable, saves time and delivers valuable additional information on the cable condition: While the tan delta measurement, for example, indicates existence of water trees in the cable route, the partial discharge measurement detects local weak points in the cable insulation or moist joints, among other things. With the help of the PD phase resolving, faults can even be classified with the measurement results.

Based on a combination of benefits, namely to measure gently, diagnose extensively and save time, BAUR introduces a device for “smart testing” with the new PD-TaD 60.


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