demak resin application

Machines for Resin Application

DEMAK will be at Booth 2249 at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo

DEMAK Group manufactures machines for the industrial application of resins. It offers a huge range of meter and mixing equipment for epoxy, polyurethane, polybutadiene and silicone resins, perfect for encapsulation, gluing, insulation, industrial component seals.  DEMAK also manufactures a wide selection of resins systems to meet any production needs. 

With three sites on three continents, it is a reliable partner for customers from all over the world, helping them find standard and customized solutions to meet production requirements at the highest quality levels.  Demak creates tailor-made solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs. The importance of customization is the added value that can make a difference between a supplier and others. Starting from the study of the data provided by the customer and by carefully analyzing the specific process,  Demak can propose an ad-hoc configuration, listening to needs of our customers and finding the perfect solutions.

DEMAK Group |
Booth 2249

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