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Roy E Hansel substation

KUA Awards $4.9 Million Bid for Substation Construction

Kissimmee Utility Authority, Kissimmee, Florida, board of directors has awarded a $4.9 million contract to Kissimmee-based Terry’s Electric, Inc. for construction projects at two of the utility’s electric substations.

The contract includes construction of the Roy E. Hansel Substation, a $17.2 million Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas insulated substation, which will replace the utility’s existing Power Plant Substation constructed in the 1970s.

Unlike the open-air design of the current substation, much of the new substation and supporting equipment will be housed inside a building to minimize the visual impact. The Hansel substation will serve downtown Kissimmee and its business district.

The contract also includes demolition of the Power Plant Substation and the work necessary to remove its existing transformers and re-install them at the utility’s Richard L. Hord Substation.

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