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Inverter Upgraded for Substations

Inverter Upgraded for Substations

Delivers 1200 watts of clean, regulated AC power from batteries or other DC sources for reliable substation monitoring.  

Behlman Electronics Inc. has upgraded its INV-1200 Inverter in response to customer requests. In the past, Behlman rated the power output of its INV-1200 Inverter as 1200 VA, which required some users to do the math to come up with output watts (960 watts at a pf of 0.8 or 840 watts at a pf of 0.7).

Now, with the new INV-1200 Gen 2 Inverters, there is a 25% increase in output power to 1200 watts at 55°C (133°F) with no de-rating. In addition, when including Option D1 or A1 (AC bypass and alarms), the transfer time is less than 30 milliseconds.

The new, more powerful Behlman INV-1200 Gen 2 DC to AC Inverter delivers 1200 watts of clean, regulated AC power in a 3.5-inch-high (2U) rack-mount chassis.

It provides numerous features that support sub-station and utility operations, where sensitive electronics require reliable, clean, regulated and surge protected AC.

  • 1200 watts of AC power
  • Sine wave output
  • Low total harmonic distortion
  • Unique overload protection
  • Excellent line and load regulation
  • Short circuit and thermal protection
  • Optional bypass with alarms
  • LEDs for DC IN and INVERTER OK

Soon to be announced: the ACDC-1200 Gen 2 inverter with zero switch-over time.

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