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High-Voltage Connectors for Railway Substations

High-Voltage Connectors for Railway Substations

Case study from TE Connectivity

The South Europe Atlantic (S.E.A.) project is a completely new high speed rail line in France connecting Tours to Bordeaux. S.E.A. will enable passengers to go from Paris to Bordeaux in 2.05 hours.

For this project, a consortium of companies in charge of the design and construction of the line, including high voltage (HV) substations, required all connectors to be designed as per the French utility requirements.

TE Connectivity’s (TE) SIMEL product line has historically been the substation connector of choice for French rail. TE supplies a full range of connectors and each has been tested and passed the applicable qualification tests. That is the reason why TE engineers have reviewed the customer’s specifications and drawings for traction substations, uncovering a significant deviation. Hence, the configuration specified by the French utility could not be properly applied...(Read full case study from TE Connectivity)


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