Current Transformers

Falco to show current transformers at IEEE PES T&D Expo

Instrument transformers provide reliable and accurate input for the protection, control and monitoring of power grid assets such as motor control centers, UPS systems, utility metering, low and medium-voltage switchgear.  They are high-accuracy class electrical devices used to transform voltage and current levels. They are used to facilitate the operation of instruments such as relays, volt and amp meters. 

Current Transformers (CT) are instrument transformers used for current metering and protection through the entire grid – from the generation, transmission and distribution, to commercial and residential locations. They transform the high current on the high voltage side into low current (1 or 5 A) adequate to be processed in measuring and protection instruments (secondary equipment, such as relays and recorders). A CT also isolates the measuring instruments from the high voltage of the monitored circuit.

The modern electrical power industry is gravitating toward higher accuracy CTs and/or same electrical performance but in a smaller package.  High accuracy CTs allow the utilities to bill end customer appropriately.  Smaller footprints allow switchgear OEMs to meet end customer size constraints and manufacture equipment at a lower cost.  Falco solves these problems by providing a full low voltage CT portfolio. Its transformers comply with IEEE C57.13 industry standard for instrument transformers in the United States and Canada:

  • Certified to meet accuracy from 10% of nominal current to rating factor.
  • Current Range from 50A to 6000AAC
  • UL and cUL recognized per ANSI/IEEE Standard
  • Accuracy Class as low as 0.15
  • Rectangular and Toroidal CT Models to meet any footprint application
  • Single and three-phase, multi-ratio models available

Falco began operations in the United States and Mexico in 1991 and expanded its manufacturing footprint to China in 1996.  From its early focus in the production of general and revenue grade current transformers, Falco is now regarded as a global leader in the manufacturing of magnetic components and large assemblies.  As a consequence of its market segments and target customers, Falco made the natural transition to add instrument transformers to its product portfolio in 2015.  Today, Falco is a strategic supplier to many of the leading OEMs in the power conversion, metering and power distribution industries. 

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