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CMP’s Upgraded Livermore Falls Substation Now in Service

Central Maine Power Co. (CMP), a subsidiary of Iberdrola USA, has put its upgraded Livermore Falls Substation into service. The $17 million project is part of the company’s $1.4 billion Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP). The facility now has the capacity to interconnect five 115-kV transmission lines that supply the distribution network serving communities Androscoggin, Franklin, Kennebec, and Oxford counties.
“This upgrade at the Livermore Falls Substation represents another milestone in our project to improve the reliability of our system for homes and businesses throughout the region,” said Doug Herling, CMP Vice President and Executive Sponsor of the MPRP.
The facility includes eight new 115-kV breakers and a new control house. The substation will also have a fully integrated state-of-the-art communication system compliant with IEC 61850, an international standard for substation communication and control.
“With this substation, we have improved reliability, expanding capacity, and incorporating advanced communication and control technology that meets the latest international standards for substation design,” said Herling. “It’s what we mean when we say we’re building a stronger, smarter grid for Maine."
The MPRP will ensure the long-term reliability of CMP’s bulk power system. The project includes the construction of four new 345-kV substations and one new 115-kV substation and related facilities linked by approximately 440 mi of new transmission lines. The new facilities will reinforce the backbone of the company’s 40-year-old bulk power system and create greater capacity for the integration of new generation in the New England region. Begun in September of 2010, the first new 345-kV volt substation will be energized later this year. The company expects to complete construction in mid-2015.

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