The 8DJH 24 – blue GIS switchgear is a core component of Siemens’ sustainable and innovative blue GIS portfolio

Norgesnett Partners with Siemens to Deliver SF6 Gas-Free Switchgear

May 22, 2024
By using Siemens' SF6-free switchgear, Norgesnett is set to save around 1,200 tons of CO2 over the product's lifetime.

Norwegian gird operator Norgesnett has entered into a six-year framework agreement with Siemens Smart Infrastructure to supply SF6 gas-free switchgear, specifically the 8DJH 24 – blue GIS switchgear, along with compact substations.

SF6 (sulphur hexafluoride) is traditionally used in medium-voltage switchgear for insulation and current interruption but has a global warming potential 24,300 times greater than CO2.

By using Siemens' SF6-free switchgear, Norgesnett is set to save around 1,200 tons of CO2 over the product's lifetime. This move aligns with Siemens' goal to support sustainable and reliable electrical grids through their eco-friendly blue GIS portfolio, which uses Clean Air (natural-origin gases) and vacuum-interrupter technology.

“The framework agreement with Siemens gives us predictable access to critically important materials and equipment, which will boost our environmental and sustainability efforts,” says Vidar Kristoffersen, CEO of Norgesnett. "We are proud to be the first company in Norway to only use SF6-free switchgear across our grid, thanks to this framework agreement with Siemens, a company known for its long and successful history of developing environmentally friendly solutions.”

The 2024 IEEE Power Engineering Society’s Transmission & Distribution Conference & Exposition in Anaheim, California, also highlighted the shift towards SF6-free distribution and transmission gear.

The California Air Resources Board has regulated SF6 emissions since 2011 and is considering a phase-out of SF6 in gas-insulated equipment, requiring exemptions for continued use.

Despite SF6's superior insulation properties, several companies, including Schneider Electric, Eaton, and G&W Electric, showcased their SF6-free technologies at the conference, reflecting the industry's broader move towards more sustainable solutions.

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