Transformer Liquids Known for Fire Safety, Environmental Protection Properties

April 3, 2018
MIDEL brand to be featured at 2018 IEEE PES T&D Expo in Booth 662

MIDEL is a leading brand of ester-based transformer liquids. First introduced in the 1970s, MIDEL transformer liquids have been selected by utilities and transformer manufacturers across the globe. MIDEL synthetic and natural ester liquids are acknowledged for their fire safety and environmental protection properties. MIDEL drives installation savings as well as mitigating the risk of damage to life, property and the environment. Used in mainstream distribution and power transformers worldwide (MIDEL 7131 is proven up to 433 kV), MIDEL enables transformer manufacturers to develop innovative transformer designs for specific applications or locations. Examples include smaller transformers or transformers able to operate at higher loading compared to mineral oil; delivering real benefits in traction transformers, wind turbine transformers and mobile power transformers. In addition, transformers can be run at higher temperatures, producing higher grade usable waste heat. MIDEL is a product of M&I Materials.

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Booth 662

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