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Perimeter Fence System

March 2, 2018
Vanquish Fencing will exhibit at the 2018 IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo in April

VANQUISH’s Standard Security Perimeter Fence System is designed for securing the perimeter fence to deter acts of vandalism that have the potential to damage equipment.

Installation of a Vanquish Security system supply’s you with the capabilities to deter unauthorized intruders who are intent on theft and damage to substation equipment and hardware. The Vanquish system is an all- encompassing design specifically for the protection of facilities that are essential for economic growth.

Vanquish Security System creates a formidable physical barrier that will deter the most persistent intruder. The entire system is designed to be extremely flexible and can be installed as a new or retro-fit installation on rail lines, power plants, schools, corporate facilities, manufacturing plants, airports, prisons, not just substations. When used in conjunction with motion detectors or video surveillance tools the number of false alarms is greatly reduced. In most cases VANQUISH’s Security Fence System can pay for itself with one prevented break in.

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