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Norway's Statnett to Start Construction of Bjerkreim Substation

April 14, 2017
The substation will connect the planned wind farms in Bjerkreim to the nationwide main grid.

Statnett, Norway's energy system operator, will start construction of the Bjerkreim substation in Rogaland County in Western Norway. The substation will connect the planned wind farms in Bjerkreim to the nationwide main grid.
“The owners of the wind farms have previously confirmed that they want to develop, and Statnett has now decided to start construction of the substation. Everything is in order for construction start-up, and we are ready for the groundbreaking,” says Executive Vice President Elisabeth Vike Vardheim in Statnett.

The planned wind turbines in the five wind farms in the Bjerkreim area will have an overall maximum production of about 400 MW. According to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) these facilities are among the best in Norway, based on wind conditions and the need for new grid infrastructure. The owners of the wind power projects have decided to develop so much new power generation that a new substation in the main grid will be profitable for society.

Due to the good competitive situation in the market, the expected investment costs for the substation are now estimated to be lower than before. The overall investment is now estimated at between NOK 500 and 540 million, while previous estimates were NOK 530-620 million.

“We still consider our investment to be socioeconomically profitable,” says Vardheim.

In addition to connecting new power generation to the transmission grid, there are also plans to connect new power lines to the substation that will strengthen power supply in the region. Bjerkreim substation will contain facilities both in the main grid and the regional transmission grid, where Statnett will own the main grid facilities and Lyse Elnett will own the regional grid facilities.

The road construction to access the facilities has started, while the first construction work at the substation will start in early March. The new substation is scheduled to be completed in 2019 according to the construction plan.

“We are looking forward to the work starting, and are planning a safe, cost-effective and sustainable development of Bjerkreim substation,” says Vardheim.

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