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OMICRON Extends Spectrum of IEC 61850 Testing Solutions

Nov. 1, 2016
Client/Server Communication testing with the new Test Universe v 3.10

The IEC 61850 international standard for power utility communications defines two types of communication to be used for substation protection, control and automation: real time communication with GOOSE and Sampled Values on the one hand and Client/Server (C/S) on the other. For all these cases, OMICRON as a market leader for IEC 61850 testing solutions, offers internationally well accepted testing tools, such as IEDScout or Test Universe with its configuration tools for GOOSE and Sampled Values. Now OMICRON has extended its portfolio with a new solution for protection testing with SCADA (Client/Server).

Thanks to Test Universe v 3.10’s new IEC 61850 Client/Server test module, engineers responsible for the commissioning, developing, maintenance, testing and troubleshooting of protection systems in Substation Automation Systems based on IEC 61850 (Ed. 1 and Ed. 2) can conveniently test the C/S communication during protection testing. The module creates a unique way to integrate an automated test of IEC 61850 SCADA communication in a Control Center document.

Being the first Test Universe module that directly communicates with the device under test, it allows users to load the IED description from an SCL file, to configure a connection to the IED via Ethernet, to connect to the IED, to read data from the IED, to set the mode in the IED, to output signals as a “stimulation” for the IED, and to create an automated test. All information in the IED’s data model is available for measurement and assessment.

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