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Fault Current Limiters Have Smaller Footprint

June 7, 2016

GridON has announced a new family of inexpensive fault current limiters with smaller footprint for mid-to-high-voltage applications. GridON’s established technology has been further enhanced to offer a cost-effective solution for distribution grid operators, industrial customers and independent power producers.

GridON’s commercial FCLs have been operating well in live networks for more than three years, limiting numerous faults, while proving reliable and mature. Distribution grid planners will now be able to quickly design-in affordable FCLs, without replacing existing fit-for-use equipment.

Industrial customers have been actively searching for reliable solutions to mitigate growing fault levels in their plants. GridON’s FCL’s ability to increase its impedance only during fault conditions, while not impacting motor starts during normal operation, presents an attractive solution for industrial networks.

Independent power producers are required to limit fault levels when connecting to utility grids. This requirement often translates to postponement of the connection and significant incurred costs. GridON’s FCL provides a cost-effective solution for expanding decentralized generation sources.

“GridON responded to the growing demand from industrial and power-producing companies with the introduction of a new cost-effective FCL,” said Yoram Valent, chief executive and co-founder of GridON. “Our new product line offers a perfect solution for connecting decentralized generation sources to distribution networks, and for preventing fault current damages in industrial networks and in mission-critical applications.”

GridON’s FCLs are being installed both in transformer feeder locations and in bus-sections. They can also be installed on generator feeders, since they can be rated to the full capacity of the generation source and never interrupt the current during fault. The FCL instantly suppresses excessive current and recovers to normal load immediately upon fault clearance--being always ready for consecutive short circuit events. The FCL is extremely reliable and robust, and very easy to install and maintain.

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