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Oscilloscope App Now Available for Android Devices

Feb. 15, 2016
Tekron’s ScopeApp is a revolutionary and easy to use IRIG-B oscilloscope application software that utilizes the enhanced processor and screen capabilities of your smartphone to decode and graph IRIG-B signals when wirelessly connected to Tekron’s IRIG-B Analyzer

T&D Service Operators face many challenges when commissioning and troubleshooting IRIG-B timing distribution systems in substations and other parts of the network. Traditionally troubleshooting required the transport and use of cumbersome oscilloscopes into the field and then requiring hours of analysis by an experienced technician and in many cases, problems remained unresolved as a result.

Tekron’s IRIG-B Analyzer empowers test engineers to decode and verify the IRIG-B signals anywhere in plain text thereby significantly reducing the analysis time onsite. Tekron now takes this one step further when paired with the ScopeApp via Bluetooth. The IRIG-B Analyzer App now brings the power of an oscilloscope to the HD screen technology of any modern Android smart device.

Enhanced reporting and waveform analysis creates a powerful handheld troubleshooting tool. The hands-free, wireless connection allows the user to take multiple captures with ease. With the additional capability to email recorded captures, the files can be shared with multiple support personnel back at base, thereby allowing for detailed remote analysis and on the spot resolution.

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