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Gateway Provides Enhanced Communications and Processing for Substations

March 3, 2014
Eaton has introduced Cooper Power Systems’ new substation modernization platform (SMP) SG-4250 gateway.

Eaton has introduced Cooper Power Systems’ new Substation Modernization Platform (SMP) SG-4250 Gateway. The device boasts a modular design providing data acquisition and distribution, protocol translation and secure remote access to substation intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) to cost effectively fulfill a range of substation automation projects.

“Our newest Ethernet-based solution offers utilities a highly flexible and interoperable platform that they can grow into,” said Eric Lebeau, marketing product manager, Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems division. “Instead of having to purchase new hardware as new standards arise, users can simply update the product’s existing software and leverage its multi-function capabilities to get the most out of their legacy IEDs. This not only adds convenience, but also helps keep overall cost in check.”

Featuring improved processing power and memory, the SMP SG-4250 serves as a scalable solution that can be customized to a utility’s exact needs. Additionally, the SMP SG-4250 is compatible with most existing IED manufacturers, including the support of more than 80 protocols.

The newest solution represents the fourth generation of SMP gateways, offering enhanced communications modules to address the changing Smart Grid landscape, including the integration of up to 10 Ethernet ports with multi-homing and VLAN tag support, allowing for the deployment of complex IEC 61850 projects. In addition, it helps simplify Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) operational activities for the user, includes advanced cyber-security features such as DNP3 Secure Authentication V5 and is instrumental to NERC/CIP compliance.

The new SMP SG-4250 provides users with immediate access to real-time, system-wide substation data, is designed for electrical utilities and the industrial market, and meets all IEEE and IEC requirements for substation-grade equipment.

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