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American Electric Power to Modernize Substation Automation Systems

American Electric Power to Modernize Substation Automation Systems

Eaton has announced a contract win to help American Electric Power (AEP) implement substation automation upgrades to enhance power reliability and real-time response to events. Eaton’s substation automation solutions, turnkey engineering and project management services will help the major utility continue to deliver high quality electric power to nearly 5.4 million customers across 11 states. Contract terms were not disclosed.

“Substation automation systems are integral to supporting an adaptable, secure and responsive infrastructure,” said John Stampfel, vice president and general manager, Electrical Engineering Services and Systems Division, Eaton. “With world-class services and technology, Eaton is well positioned to help AEP modernize legacy substation automation solutions with the real-time data and analytics needed to support a smarter grid.”

Under the contract, Eaton will evaluate the communications and intelligence systems at designated AEP substation locations. Systems will then be modernized in compliance with industry requirements. Real-time communications and data acquisition capabilities will be supported by Eaton’s Cooper PowerTM series substation gateways. Eaton will also manage all substation system design, project management, installation and commissioning to help ensure a seamless transition to the new technology.

The engineering service contracts follow previous agreements with AEP to incorporate Eaton’s Cooper Power series SMP gateway and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), which are used in thousands of substations worldwide to gather data, translate protocols and provide secure remote access to substation intelligent electronic equipment devices. The project is expected to be complete in 2018.

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