AEP to Deploy Online Condition Monitoring Software

To support the early warning and diagnosis of equipment and performance problems in its power stations, AEP is adopting InStep's PRiSM predictive asset analytics software. 

With about 80 generating stations and a generating capacity of nearly 38,000 MW, AEP delivers electricity to more than 5 million customers in 11 states and continually seeks new ways to maintain its leadership as a dependable and low-cost power producer. Adding InStep's PRiSM self-learning analytic software is expected to help AEP improve the monitoring of the real-time health and performance of its critical plant equipment assets.

InStep, which has installed software solutions for leading power generation, transmission and distribution companies globally, is pleased to add AEP to its customer base.

PRiSM uses Advanced Pattern Recognition technology to detect when equipment is performing poorly or is likely to fail. The software platform can alert plant personnel of anomalies in time to diagnose and repair issues before potentially costly problems occur. Early identification of equipment problems can provide several tangible benefits for power generation utilities, including increased availability, reliability, production quality and capacity.

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