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Sustainable links

Sustainable links

Today’s electricity supply depends predominantly on large generating plants such as fossil fuel or nuclear facilities. Traditionally, the control strategy of transmission and distribution network operators builds on the controllable nature of these plants in matching the more inelastic and uncontrollable demand side. Increasing use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar is changing this strategy. The availability of these new technologies is less controllable and predictable. Grids must hence be able to rapidly, reliably and economically respond to large and unexpected supply-side fluctuations. HVDC technology – in particular HVDC Light® – allows rapid and precise control of voltages and power fl ows. It is reliable and economical, and can be used to flexibly enhance existing AC grids. HVDC Light is also the fi rst choice for transmitting power from large offshore wind farms to AC grids.

DOWNLOAD: Sustainable Links

DOWNLOAD: Sustainable Links
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