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The other alternative fuel

The other alternative fuel

As the global population continues to grow, so too does its hunger for energy. The long-term consequence of this will be a diminished supply of fossil fuels, currently the world's primary energy source. However, fossil fuels are also responsible for much of the CO2 emissions produced today which severely impact the world's climate. Therefore as long as there is a continued reliance on fossil-based energy production this "catch 22" situation will remain. Of course it has long been known that renewable energy sources are the solution to this predicament. However, although rapid progress is being made to substitute thermal power plants with renewable energy sources, many issues still need to be resolved before renewable sources can effectively contribute to the overall energy mix. Unfortunately time is running out for planet Earth as it waits for further developments in renewable energy sources or the long expected break-through in nuclear fusion. In parallel to this work, action needs to be taken to protect the planet and to preserve its assets and biosphere for future generations; this can be achieved by the application of already developed energy efficiency methods and technologies.

DOWNLOAD: The other alternative fuel

DOWNLOAD: The other alternative fuel
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