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Fit at 50

Fit at 50

Keeping fit and “staying young” are goals for many – including power transformers. Many of the world’s transformers are reaching an age where these goals are becoming critical for their survival, and for the survival of the operating companies. The consequences of a transformer failure can be catastrophic. This is why operators demand high availability and a rapid recovery time after an outage. With an aging fleet of transformers and tight maintenance budgets, transformers remain in service well past their optimal life spans. The assumption that all are fi t for an extended working life can be a dangerous gamble. When it comes to transformer asset management, an operator’s main objectives are to reduce the risk of a failure and minimize the impact if a failure does occur. ABB’s TrafoAsset Management™ provides just the support operators need to make intelligent maintenance decisions to face these challenges.

DOWNLOAD: Fit at 50

DOWNLOAD: Fit at 50
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