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Xcel Energy Selects SmartSynch as Technology Partner for SmartGridCity

SmartSynch, Inc. has been selected by Xcel Energy to provide smart metering, energy management, demand response and carbon monitoring solutions to commercial and industrial (C&I) customers in the utility’s SmartGridCity initiative. SmartGridCity enables two-way communication between customers and Xcel Energy, and features a portfolio of smart grid technologies designed to provide a host of environmental, financial and operational benefits.

The SmartSynch solution will be deployed on the University of Colorado campus in Boulder, and on municipal buildings and select commercial and industrial buildings throughout the city. The C&I solutions, provided by SmartSynch via the AT&T Wireless network, will enable Xcel Energy to partner with its commercial and industrial customers in new ways by:

  • mapping their energy usage trends to optimize consumption;
  • providing demand response programs offering incentives for business owners who curtail their facility’s energy use during times of peak demand;
  • helping them capture tax incentives by reducing their carbon footprint;
  • supporting large-scale intermittent renewable generation initiatives (e.g.; solar panels, etc.); and
  • facilitating real-time notifications of power outages to Xcel Energy dispatch teams to ensure on-site power quality.

SmartSynch will join Xcel Energy’s Smart Grid Consortium, which brings together leading technologists, engineering firms, business leaders and IT experts to provide guidance as well as the products and services needed to bring Xcel Energy’s smart grid vision to life. Existing consortium members include Accenture, Current Group, GridPoint, OSISoft, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories and Ventyx.

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