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Xcel Energy Licenses Indus Service Delivery Management Suite

Xcel Energy has licensed and implemented an Indus SDM solution that integrates advanced field service management and asset management capabilities across 10 states in 80 services centers to help improve customer service performance and reduce costs at the company.

The implementation is the outcome of Indus' Workflow Optimization project, part of Xcel Energy's Utility Innovations (UI) initiative announced in May 2005. Xcel Energy created Utility Innovations to leverage the creativity, knowledge and skills of its technology partners to develop technology solutions that improve customer service, optimize the management of local electric grids and reduce cost structure. Indus' Workflow Optimization is the first of the UI projects to be applied to the entire company's day-to-day operations.

Indus' integrated SDM solution gives Xcel Energy a comprehensive view of all work and resources in the field, enabling the company to optimize work crew schedules, equipment and materials through automation. The solution also provides Xcel Energy with the means to better manage the supply and demand of resources, giving them better control of the company's performance levels and costs of service. As a result, Xcel Energy already has realized financial savings in 2005 with the Indus products and anticipates additional savings as the products are rolled out across the entire 10-state service territory.

Indus SDM solutions will be helpful to the company's transformation by integrating the new capabilities of Indus Service Suite software with its existing Indus Asset Suite solution. Service Suite will provide a view of all work and resources and leverage mobile technology to improve field force effectiveness. Indus Asset Suite provides automation of maintenance and inspection processes, timely status work completion reporting and cost-effective decision support. With Indus' Service Suite and Asset Suite combined, Xcel Energy will have a more process-centric approach to its services by automating the flow of work from call centers all the way through the billing process.

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