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WAPA to Deploy New Network Timing System

Emrise Corp.'s subsidiary, CXR Larus Corp., has won a contract with the Western Area Power Administration to supply its next-generation network (NGN) timing system, StarClock TiemPo, for the WAPA’s internal communications and control systems. The terms of the contract also allow other energy co-ops that are customers of the WAPA to procure products from CXR Larus. The WAPA is an agency of the U.S. Department of Energy that markets and delivers reliable, cost-based hydroelectric power and related services within a 15-state region in the Central and Western U.S.

CXR Larus produces a diverse range of telecommunications products including network timing and synchronization equipment, network access and LAN extension products and test equipment for both public carriers and private telecommunications networks on a worldwide basis.

Carmine T. Oliva, chairman, president and CEO of CXR Larus, said: “Our new StarClock TiemPo timing system is one of our primary growth drivers for 2007 and beyond. Winning this contract is particularly significant and validates our investment in design engineering during 2006 to develop our NGN solution. This solution allows our customers to make the flexible move from traditional circuit switched networks to timing over packet and provides the additional control capabilities needed by the power companies. This solution is provided in a highly scalable and compact physical size.” He added, “This initial contract from a major electric utility also confirms our belief that other utility companies may become a specialty growth market segment for our new timing solutions and other of our network access."

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