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Victoria Electric Cooperative Smart Grid System to be Completed By End of 2014

Trilliant has announced the full scale roll-out of a smart grid deployment with the Victoria Electric Cooperative in Victoria, Texas. Building on a successful 2011 pilot project, this deployment leverages the Trilliant Communications Platform and consists of Trilliant's multi-tier SecureMesh solution to deliver advanced utility services to the Texas town. The deployment will be completed by the end of 2014.

Over the past year, the state of Texas has taken part in many energy-saving initiatives that use smart metering to conserve energy. Given the extreme heat of summer months, smart energy management measures are welcome. Victoria Electric's smart grid deployment will leverage Trilliant's solutions to improve operational efficiency, provide interval data for Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) and Time-of-Use (TOU) rates, and enhance outage detection, empowering the co-op to improve the efficiency of power and enabling customers to more accurately manage their energy consumption.

This deployment will use the Trilliant Platform, the only purpose-built communications platform that integrates disparate systems of smart grid communications technology into a unified whole. Specifically, the project will leverage the Trilliant's SecureMesh multi-tier architecture, which enables not only advanced metering, but also advanced distribution automation and demand-side management applications, which ultimately delivers benefits to utilities and their customers.

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