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Vero Beach to Deploy PRISM OMS from Advanced Control Systems

A contract with the city of Vero Beach, Florida, is the latest in a series of PRISM Real-time Outage Management System (OMS) awards for Advanced Control Systems. Adding high-performance network maps and sophisticated feeder modeling and automation to Vero Beach’s recently upgraded PRISM SCADA system will leverage the city’s investment in real-time information, and bring a state-of-the-art OMS to the east-coast Florida city.

Together, Vero Beach and ACS will use existing GIS maps to create a distribution network model. This will support visualization of the entire network, down to the customer transformer level, and enable advanced applications to enhance customer service and satisfaction. These applications include: secure Web-based reporting and dispatch; performance index calculations that can be based on real-time information or as the potential result of a proposed switching decision; and feeder fault detection, isolation and restoration.

Vero Beach is a long-time customer of ACS. The recent upgrade of its SCADA system cleared the path for a strategy based on real-time information as a way to track and upgrade network performance and meet customer support expectations, including the perennial threat that hurricanes present.

PRISM OMS brings real-time information to outage management, including the ability to view geographic and circuit data on the same display, and continuous update of the data that is critical for making smart restoration decisions. In addition, the package covers trouble call taking and management, comprehensive ticket handling, crew management and interfaces to the city’s CIS and IVR systems.

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