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Verizon Wireless and Ambient Corp. Launch Open Smart Grid Communications Architecture

Verizon Wireless and Ambient Corp. have launched a jointly developed Open Smart Grid Communications Architecture, an integrated smart grid solution and open communications network for utilities deploying smart grid programs.

The Open Smart Grid Communications Architecture accelerates the deployment of secure smart grids, saving utilities the operational investment and maintenance cost of deploying a proprietary communications network. The Ambient Smart Grid, operating on Verizon Wireless' network infrastructure, leverages the reliability and breadth of the Verizon Wireless network. The architecture provides utilities with private IP clouds of connectivity creating virtual private networks, allowing the utility to benefit from Verizon Wireless' continuous investment in network security, speed and reliability.

Ambient's newest smart grid node model, the X-3100, was recently certified by Verizon Wireless for its 3G network.

The Ambient X-3100 smart grid node also extends the connectivity of Verizon Wireless' network via Wi-Fi, RF, power line carrier, Zigbee and/or WiMAX communications technology embedded in the node, allowing a utility to connect to end-user devices.

This announcement is a continuation of the joint marketing agreement the companies announced last year.

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