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Ventyx Enhances Customer Suite

Ventyx has announced the newest release of its Customer Suite customer information system/billing software solution. The release includes features enhancing utility clients' ability to incorporate advanced metering infrastructure capabilities and renewable energy into their customer management systems, as well as enhanced billing and security features.

Ventyx Customer Suite is capable of managing all of a utility's customer-facing processes, from meter reads to billing and customer inquiries through the call center or self-service and service management.

The latest release of Customer Suite, Release 4.2, includes several key new features, including the following:

Support for renewable energy rates and AMI metering. New net metering features enable Customer Suite to enroll customers in renewable energy programs, measure energy generated and consumed on a single meter, bill customers for services and refund/credit customers for remaining excess generation.

  • Enhanced security. Expanded support for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards.
  • Enhancements to master summary billing. Improved flexibility in querying master bill history and detailed views.
  • Technology upgrades. Technical currency improvements such as migration to the Oracle 11g database platform.
  • Usability improvements. Improved address maintenance and online help enhancements.
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