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Vectren Expands Use of Mobile Workforce Management to Construction, Maintenance and Compliance

Vectren Energy Delivery has expanded use of the ViryaNet mobile workforce management solution to its Construction, Maintenance and Compliance (CMC) group.

Vectren seeks to optimize all available work teams, regardless of work type or work duration and to improve the dispatch, scheduling, and management of field work orders. The ViryaNet solution can handle both short-cycle service work and longer, more complex work types.

With ViryaNet’s technology, Vectren can right-size the work, getting the right crews to the right work at the right time. In addition, field technicians from Vectren’s Meter Order Management (MOM) group are leveraged, crossing over to the CMC group. Just two months after launch, Vectren is already seeing improvements in its short-duration compliance work.

Expanding the use of ViryaNet’s mobile workforce management solution to Vectren’s CMC group means scheduling 500 field technicians with 80% of work order volume now scheduled automatically – a huge relief for Vectren’s dispatchers.

“We’re right-sizing work for our CMC crews which is the same kind of success we saw with ViryaNet’s solution for our MOM group,” said Jon Luttrell, Vice President, Information Technology and Customer Service, Vectren Corp.

For Vectren, this project begins a 3-phased approach to consolidate its mobile environments, specifically around the scheduling, delivery and completion of complex work types.

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