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Vattenfall to Use Tekla Xpower More Extensively in Germany

Vattenfall plans to expand the use of the Tekla Xpower network information system in Berlin and Hamburg. The expansions are part of the implementation project that were launched in Berlin at the beginning of 2009. During the course of the project, the use of the system has been expanded to also cover the network operation process more extensively, which is central to Vattenfall.

Vattenfall's goal is to enter full production use of the system in Berlin gradually during 2010. System coverage will be expanded through process harmonization in Hamburg as well, where Tekla Xpower has been in use for approximately 10 years. Along with the production use, Tekla Xpower will support the processes for the electricity distribution networks of the two largest cities in Germany.

Vattenfall uses Tekla Xpower for network planning, network operation and maintenance. In Berlin, Tekla Xpower will replace several outdated systems and decrease the need to maintain overlapping data. The ability to integrate with other systems and the openness of Tekla's solution will also increase the efficiency of operating processes significantly.

EN 60909-0 standard-compliant short-circuit current calculation functionality developed jointly by Vattenfall and Tekla was completed during the fall of 2009 in connection with the implementation project.

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