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Utility Deploys Tensing’s Next-Generation Integrated Work Management Solution

One of North America’s largest utilities is deploying the Tensing Integrated Work Management Suite, a next-generation, comprehensive mobile solution that Tensing developed in partnership with the utility. Completed in the first phase of the utility’s multi-phase, mobile workflow project, the product of that collaboration is Tensing IWMS, which is now available as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solution. Tensing would not release the utility's name as of press time.

The genesis for Tensing IWMS was the utility’s unsuccessful efforts to find a market-ready, utility-specific mobile solution on a single platform to replace the existing, disparate software platforms used by the field operations of its largest business unit. The utility selected Tensing to develop an integrated work management solution to meet its needs and those of other utilities ‘out-of-the-box.’ When fully deployed, Tensing IWMS will automate all mobile workflow processes between the utility’s back office and potentially some 4000 field workers on mobile devices who help ensure reliable power delivery to roughly 14 million people.

Tensing IWMS seamlessly integrates disparate enterprise data with intelligent graphics, such as GIS and CAD, timekeeping and comprehensive work management capabilities to connect field workers to the back office in real-time via mobile devices. Empowering field crews with essential information as it is needed enables greater safety and efficiency in operating the utility’s complex, interconnected infrastructure assets.

This suite optimizes the entire workflow process from work order initiation, scheduling and dispatch to project completion, materials usage, timekeeping, and analysis and reporting. Tensing IWMS also provides on-demand, detailed vehicle location information, as well as optimized route navigation via integrated GPS capabilities.

The end-to-end execution of information and work processes between the back office and the field provides a complete information round trip. It securely integrates and dispatches essential data to and from the field, enabling workers on mobile devices to use and manage enterprise asset data specific to each work order, including ‘As Built’ and ‘As Is’ information. Workers can modify and update information, including redlining sketches or drawings on GIS/CAD-enabled maps and correcting tabular data, in either a connected or disconnected mode. Tensing IWMS easily manages asset data remotely and sends field updates to the respective back-office systems, including ERP, EAM, OMS, AMI, GIS and CAD, for reconciliation. This eliminates individual system updates, improves data accuracy and worker safety and productivity, while supporting a higher level of customer service.

To address the issues of its multi-tiered workforce, the utility collaborated with Tensing to develop the unique, comprehensive IWMS Timekeeper module, an integrated component of Tensing IWMS. The powerful, advanced functionality and configurable business logic of IWMS Timekeeper easily handles the most challenging mobile work environment, including shifts, break-in services, upgrades and overtime, as well as union, non-union and contractor requirements to cut administrative costs and time.

In addition to Timekeeper, Tensing IWMS also includes Mobile Workflow, Mobile GIS, Navigator, Fleet Tracker, Reporter and Dashboard. The modular architecture of Tensing IWMS enables quick configuration of the standard modules, tailored to each utility’s unique requirements.

Tensing is now working with the utility on phase two of its enhanced mobile workflow project to add client-specific functionality to IWMS.

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