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UtiliPoint Launches the ETRM Community

UtiliPoint International, Inc. has launched the ETRM Community website--a community for the promotion of discussion, news, information and analysis of energy trading, transaction and risk management (ETRM) business processes and software space. Membership of the ETRM community is free, and the site is moderated by Andrew Bruce, vice president, Trading & Risk Management, UtiliPoint International, Inc.

"The interest in energy trading, transaction and risk management has increased dramatically over the last year or so," said Dr. Gary M. Vasey, vice president, Macroenergy Analysis for UtiliPoint. "However, there is no single web-based resource for buyers, users and provider of ETRM software and services to go for information. The ETRM Community was designed to fill that gap."

The ETRM Community website will be of interest to those in the energy industry who require information on available ETRM software and service solutions including buyers, users and consultants. The site contains information on solutions, service providers, information on trends in energy trading and risk management, regulations and more. It also provides a discussion forum, informal polls and a document and research archive for visitors.

"The ETRM Community website is the only website and online community dedicated to providing free resources for users, buyers and providers of ETRM software and services," reports Andrew Bruce, vice president, Trading & Risk Management for UtiliPoint and site moderator. "We expect the content of the site to grow rapidly as its members add to its initial content."

The ETRM Community can be accessed at www.etrmcommunity.com.

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