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UK Government Contracts for Demand Reponse Program

KiWi Power has been announced as a provider of full-service demand response programs to UK government agencies through Government Procurement Service (GPS). Under the terms of the agreement, KiWi Power will provide demand response services to central government and public sector facilities, including NHS trusts and hospitals, Ministry of Defence, Department for Transport, universities and local councils across the UK for the next four years.

The public sector and central government estate is vast and diverse, using an estimated 10 percent of total UK electricity demand. The varying usage and on-site operations present a unique opportunity to participate in current and future demand-side schemes, assisting the UK electricity network with its demand and sustainability targets, as well as optimizing current assets.

GPS is part of the Efficiency and Reform Group in the Cabinet Office. KiWi Power will provide demand response opportunities through GPS for the public sector in the most efficient manner possible. Whether it is a hospital, RAF station or multiple local authority buildings, the framework assists all UK government departments and agencies in achieving their financial and sustainability targets, whilst supporting national and local grid systems with suitable demand and supply support.

Various government organizations that use this framework will have, or seek to have, the ability to curtail/shift consumption of electricity or utilize on-site electricity generation capabilities. In so doing they will be able to provide a demand side resource to the local or national grid.

“As energy costs climb for everyone, not only will demand response programs help curtail electricity usage, these programs do it in a way that does not interfere with the critical infrastructure of our nation's government sites and help maintain budgets for doing the real work of supporting the UK,” said Scott Buckleton, head of business development at GPS.

GPS has entered into framework agreements with companies such as KiWi Power to support and enable government sites to participate in demand response programs through efficient contract procedures. KiWi Power will in turn expedite the demand response development process for participating facilities, which includes initial analysis and turndown assessment, smart meter installation, program management, ongoing performance testing and energy optimization.

KiWi Power will manage the full process on behalf of participating sites, including enrollment, reporting and settlement. Sites will receive payment for participation, and will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

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