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TXU Energy Launches First Smartphone-Friendly Site

TXU Energy has launched a new mobile Web site that connects its customers with their electricity accounts via Web-enabled wireless devices. This makes TXU Energy the first retail electricity provider in Texas - and one of the first in the nation – to offer its customers optimized mobile access to their accounts to view and pay bills while they’re “on-the-go.”

The new mobile site follows the launch of the company’s smart meter-friendly solution, the TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard, a tool that helps TXU Energy customers understand how and when they’re using electricity at home, by month, day and hour. It’s also the latest development in TXU Energy’s continuing innovation track and complements the mobile Web-enabled Brighten iThermostat, an energy savings solution that launched with wireless access in 2010. The programmable thermostat gives customers hands-on access to their real-time HVAC settings from virtually anywhere via PCs or smartphones.

The TXU Energy mobile Web site is designed with a similar look and feel to txu.com with optimized design and options that make smartphone use more convenient for users. Customers accessing txu.com through their mobile device will automatically see a mobile-friendly view of the key features available on the full site, with no download required. The site can also be accessed from any smartphone via m.txu.com.

The initial launch of the mobile Web site provides customers with the most frequently requested content and features available through txu.com. It also reinforces TXU Energy’s commitment to customer service through continued enablement of self-service capabilities and innovation. The site is also available in Spanish.

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