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TXU Energy Helps Bring Smart Meters to Life for Customers Across Texas

The TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard is a new online tool that helps customers examine how and when they use electricity at home so they can reduce energy consumption and, ultimately, their monthly bills. It’s available for free to all TXU Energy customers.

The TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard is the first solution that brings the real-world benefits of smart meter technology to life for TXU Energy customers. It shows them their electricity usage at home, outdoor temperatures and trends with usage and billing over time. Customers can use this information to make decisions about their usage and choice of electricity plans, which helps them save energy and lower their costs.

According to the State of Texas’ Electric Choice Education Program, research shows that, when provided the right information in a timely manner, consumers are inclined to take action and modify their electricity consumption. A California study revealed that consumers with smart meters reduced demand by 5.7 to 8.7 percent.

For TXU Energy customers with smart meters, the dashboard provides graphs that show historical and forecasted electricity usage and cost, and outdoor temperatures by year, month, week and day. It’s actually available to all TXU Energy customers, whether they have smart meters or not. For all customers, the tool reports their historical electricity usage and cost. It also allows them to compare elements of two bills, like the number of days, billing cycle, total current charges, billed usage and outdoor temperature.

TXU Energy automatically generates the dashboard for customers and makes it available to them when they log in to txu.com/myaccount. It complements the customized at-home guidance provided through the recently enhanced Brighten Personal Energy Advisor, a free energy savings solution from TXU Energy that offers personalized tips and how-to videos that can help avoid wasting energy via things like air leaks, faulty thermostats, insufficient insulation, water heater settings, HVAC inefficiency and more.

Complementing TXU Energy MyEnergy Dashboard and the Brighten Personal Energy Advisor, the Brighten iThermostat also empowers customers with hands-on access to their real-time HVAC settings from virtually anywhere. It allows them to track and monitor estimated heating and cooling costs, customize daily indoor temperature, and change thermostat settings via the Internet. It comes with a mobile website (txu.com/control) compatible with the latest models of Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry Tour and Android smart phones (all brands).

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