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TXU Energy, Energy, Inc. to Provide Energy Monitor Across Texas

TXU Energy has announced an exclusive, state-wide partnership with Energy, Inc., to provide an innovative energy monitoring device. Beginning in January 2007, TXU Energy customers in North Texas will receive the Energy Monitor if they sign-up for the TXU Energy PriceGuarantee 24 with Energy Monitor plan.

The Energy Monitor will provide consumers real-time access to information on their personal electricity consumption and the estimated cost of their consumption. Through this exclusive partnership between TXU Energy and Energy, Inc., the rollout of the monitors with this plan will begin early next year in North Texas. The product availability will expand to other areas in South Texas throughout the year.

The Energy Monitor display unit simply plugs into a wall power outlet and communicates with the actual energy monitoring equipment installed in the consumer's home circuit breaker panel. The Energy Monitor measures the amount of energy required to operate all of the various electronic appliances in the home and transmits usage data every second over existing house wiring to the display unit.

"The Energy Monitor will quickly educate its users about the actual costs of powering their everyday needs," said Jim Burke, CEO of TXU Energy. "At a time when we all should be concerned with and committed to energy conservation, this innovative product will provide the necessary information to help us achieve our shared energy conservation goals - and by using energy more wisely, consumers can save on energy costs in the process."

In July 2006, TXU Energy launched the initial staged rollout of the Energy Monitor display unit with the TXU Energy Time-of-Use Plan with Energy Monitor to select customers. The program's early success has led to offering the Energy Monitor in conjunction with another plan -- TXU Energy PriceGuarantee 24 with Energy Monitor. The TXU Energy Time-of-Use Plan with Energy Monitor charges different electricity prices based on time-of-the-day and month-of-the-year in order to empower customers to use electricity efficiently and wisely, while saving as much as 20% during off peak periods. When it is launched in January, the new TXU Energy PriceGuarantee 24 with Energy Monitor plan will have a lower price than the final TXU Energy Price to Beat rate, and will provide price protection for 24 months.

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